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Our ambition is to be a world leader in the provision of corporate governance services to boards including, education, evaluation, advisory and support services using the latest technologies, design and creativity.

We are an Irish firm serving a global market headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. We have substantial expertise in corporate governance for organisations such as non-profits, SMEs, financial institutions, statutory bodies, sports organisations, charities, healthcare organisations and MNC’s for example. Founder and CEO David W Duffy has over 20 years advisory experience and is Ireland’s leading author, and media commentator on corporate governance.

Our Business is transforming the effectiveness of boards to enable them to improve organisational performance.

The Governance Company provides a range of governance services to regulated and unregulated organisations. These include, multinational companies, listed companies, non-profits, private companies, hospitals, sporting and state funded organisations, financial institutions and housing associations.
Our services are based on our ongoing applied research, utilise the latest state of the art learning technologies and creative design to provide a client experience that is truly unique.

Benefits of our Governance Services

Fit for Purpose Structures

Reduces Risk

Enhances Compliance​

Improve Board Effectiveness

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New Blog –> https://bit.ly/2QJjFpe
Undertaking meaningful investment in a charity’s board and leadership is a vital component of sound charity governance that helps to improve skills and foster trust and confidence in the sector. #corporategovernance #boards #charities

New Blog –> http://bit.ly/39Ysd3a
Deciding to become a non-executive director should not be done on a whim. It’s a serious statutory role with specific legal and regulatory responsibilities…
#directors #corporategovernance #boards #NEDs

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