Board Evaluation


Boards should undertake a formal and rigorous evaluation of their performance and that of individual directors on a regular basis. These evaluations can improve the performance of the board’s and its directors. Boards should conduct a formal evaluation of their performance annually. Irish banks and credit institutions are required under the Central Bank’s corporate governance code to formally review their overall performance and that of their individual directors annually. An external evaluation of their performance is required every three years to ensure that review is objective and independent. The 2016 Code of Practice for the Governance of State Bodies requires the Boards of State Bodies to evaluate their performance annual and undertake an external review every three years. The Charities and Housing Bodies are also required to conduct an external evaluation of the Board every three years. We provide a suite of online and blended board evaluation tools and supporting services to enable Boards to evaluate their performance in a cost-effective manner.

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Our Suite of Board Evaluation Products

We provide a suite of board evaluation tools and supporting services to enable Boards to evaluate their performance in a cost effective manner. We have a variety of services to suit the budget of all organisations.

Increased Board Effectiveness

Greater Clarity On Roles & Responsibilities

More time Spent On Future Direction

Increased focus
On Risk

Why conduct a Board Evaluation?

  • Improve the performance and overall effectiveness of your board
  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the current board
  • Ensure alignment of board with the strategy of the organisation
  • Collective understanding of board / organisational cultural alignment
  • Assess if effective succession planning is in place for the board, CEO and management
  • Ensure board’s current composition is aligned with strategic ambition
  • Identify diversity and inclusion opportunities
  • Assure stakeholders that the organisation has fit for purpose governance
  • Identify compliance issues with regulatory requirements and governance codes

Why Us?

  • Our Founder & CEO has conducted over 100 board evaluations for charities, state companies, hospitals, sporting organisations, private companies, credit unions and membership bodies
  • We adopt a very practical approach based on our experience and know how
  • Our approach is informed by ongoing research
  • Our experience has been captured in two books published by Chartered Accountants Ireland on governance

We conduct the following type of evaluations:

  • Board as a collective
  • Chair
  • Individual directors
  • Board Committees
  • CEO

Our evaluations can combine.

  • Online surveys of Board members, Executive Team and External members on board committees.
  • Follow up interviews
  • 360 evaluations of individual board members
  • Reviews of Board Reports
  • Board Presentation of the Findings
We have a range of product options to suit every budget.