New Book Launched

Given the plethora of governance issues that have hit the press over the last few months such as INM, HSE Cervical Smears, Glen, Solas – Galway Picture Palace CLG, this book could not have come soon enough.

“This book should be on every directors required reading list. Its practicality coupled with its clarity on the role and responsibilities of directors will enable them to perform their role with much greater insight and confidence”

Anne Heraty, CEO Cpl Resources plc

“With his patient, logical approach, David W Duffy has written a clear and authoritative reference for directors and potential directors who want to understand their corporate responsibilities”

Danny McCoy CEO of Ibec

The book which runs to 335 pages is organised in four parts:

  • The Director
  • The Board
  • Practical Issues for Directors
  • Financial Difficulty and Winding up

“A Practical Guide for Company Directors” will be an invaluable resource for those who want to know about what it means to be an effective director in Ireland. Key topics to be covered in the book include:

  • Value of due diligence before deciding to accept a directorship
  • Company law and the current regulatory environment
  • Building blocks of corporate governance
  • Differences between the role of non-executive and executive directors
  • Conflicts of interest and restricted activities
  • Financial matters and the consequences of reckless trading
  • Risk tolerance and management
  • Personal guarantees and indemnities

This is the author’s second book. The previous book  “A Practical Guide to Corporate Governance” was also published Chartered Accountants Ireland.

Both books can be obtained from Chartered Accountants Ireland from their online shop.


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