Key considerations to be addressed in reconstituting the FAI Board.

Key considerations to be addressed in reconstituting the FAI Board.

Great thought needs to be given to reconstituting the new board of the FAI. The FAI is in crisis mode and needs to get its governance act in order quickly.  Some of the challenges that await a new board include:

  • Ensure that the Board has the leadership qualities and the moral authority to do what needs to done to bring the players, clubs and associations along with it.
  • Rebuild the trust in the FAI as an institution at all levels of the game, clubs and players, its stakeholders including Sport Ireland, IRFU (partner of the FAI at the Aviva), its Commercial Partners and UEFA
  • Understand what’s good about the current culture (and I am sure there is lots at grass roots level), what’s not so good and what needs to change. In short the FAI needs to develop a new culture for the organisation.
  • Developing a sustainable business model so that is not having a cash crisis on a regular basis as it appears to be the case to date based on recent revelations.
  • Build a new brand based on new values, a new culture and a new future.
  • Develop a new direction for the FAI that will enable it to be amongst the leading football nations of the world and no reason why not, we have the talent. Look at Iceland!


So what are some of the considerations that should be borne in mind in constituting a new board to address these challenges.

  • What leadership qualities are required of a new chair?
  • What should be the size of the Board?
  • What skills and experience apart from knowledge of the game be on it?
  • Should it have an independent chair?
  • Should there be NEDs on it?
  • How diverse and inclusive should the new board be?
  • What should the culture of the new board be?
  • How should the soccer community be represented on it?
  • What other stakeholders should be represented on it, if any?
  • What should be the terms for the new directors?
  • What should be the blend of local and international soccer expertise on it?
  • What Board Committees are required?
  • Should the CEO be on the Board?
  • What should be the term of the CEO?
  • What should be the role the National Council? – Currently is it be responsible for monitoring the activities of the FAI and for monitoring the Board’s governance of the Association.

Next week we will unveil what we think the make of the Board should be.

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