Educational technology will transform how directors of boards are educated, developed and assessed.

Educational technology will transform how directors of boards are educated, developed and assessed. Last month, our Founder & CEO, David W Duffy spoke at EdTechX London along with 134 other speakers from 56 countries and 902 attendees. The theme of the conference was “Learning is the new Technology”.  Two keys driver of this were personalisation, predicative analytics and engagement and behaviours in learning environments. It was predicated that we will move from EdTech to AI and Deep Learning. The Governance Company plans to harness these new technologies and trends to revolutionise how board directors are educated, developed and tested to ensure that they have the competencies to carry out their role. Currently, most of the focus on director education is on professional NEDs rather than on the directors who sit on the boards for example of:
  • The subsidiaries of multi-national companies around the world
  • Non-profits (on a voluntary basis )such as charities, housing associations or sports organisations
  • SME’s
To get access to quality corporate governance education and training will mean potentially travel, accommodation costs and perhaps time off work let alone the cost of the programmes themselves. The proposition we presented in London included:
  • Online induction programmes for charities which would help to speed up the induction process for new directors for organisations such as charities. These would be offered to new directors in addition to face to face induction. The content would cover, charity law, basics of good governance, how to be an effective director etc

  • Programmes to help the development of existing board directors which would not only help to advance their knowledge but also provide knowledge tests over 8 key competency areas. The resultant data will identify the strengths and weaknesses of Boards once the individual director data is consolidated at Board level.
  • The ability to consolidate the data for the boards of say 900 publicly funded companies. This data here will help to identify the risks of poor governance to the funder which is usually using taxpayers money. See diagram above.

Our eLearning programmes can include, gamification. video clips of the experience of real directors, case studies and knowledge tests.

Our online approach lowers dramatically the cost of this education, so that learners can learn where they, when they want.

At The Governance Company our ambition is to make corporate governance a topic that is engaging, stimulating and fun for those who need to know.

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